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Academic Year :

Aesthetic Development 2015-2016

EventName of StudentAward

2015 Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows

Secondary School Chinese Orchestra Contest - School Chinese Orchestra Silver Award
68th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival (2015-2016)
Secondary School Chinese Orchestra (45 to 60 instrumentalists) Urban Performers: School Chinese Orchestra Honour Certificate
Secondary School Erhu Ensemble & Pipa Ensemble – Urban (Performers: School Erhu Group) 江沛怡 5A Third
李苑蕾 4D
錢嘉琪 3C
許蔓淇 3C

68th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival (2015-2016)
第68屆香港學校音樂節 (2015-2016)

深造組簫獨奏(市區組)Advanced Xiao Solo (Urban) Vincent Music Medal 詠聲音樂獎 曾展冠 6A First冠軍
作曲組 Original Composition Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Ltd Prize Doming Lam Prize 吳澄邦 4C First冠軍 $4000
中級組二胡獨奏(市區組) Intermediate Erhu Solo (Urban) 李苑蕾 4D First冠軍
中級組笛子獨奏(市區組) Intermediate Dizi Solo (Urban) 麥海喬 3A First冠軍
Female Voice Solo – Singing in Foreign Language (Age 14 or under) 女聲14歲或以下外語獨唱 黃琛之 3C First冠軍
八級鋼琴獨奏 (新界東) Grade 8 Piano Solo 張立賢 2D Second亞軍
Vocal Solo – Singing in Foreign Language (Open) 外語聲樂獨唱公開組 吳嘉熙 2C Third季軍