School Management Committee (2018-2019)

Our school is a co-educational secondary school founded by the Government. School policies are basically devised according to the educational ordinances and policies of the Education Bureau.

The School Management Committee (SMC) is the top decision-making body. The chairperson is an official appointed by the Education Bureau. Other members include the school principal, two teachers’ representatives, two parents’ representatives, two alumni representatives and two independent members.


Mr NG Ka-shing
(Principal Education Officer, Curriculum Development, EDB)

Independent Members

Professor POON Wai-yin, Isabella
Mrs TONG AU Yin-man


Mr WONG Kwong-wing

Teachers' Representatives

Ms LAU Man-sze
Ms. TO Wai-ming

Parents' Representatives

Ms NGAN Sik-kum
Mr LAM Wan-yuen

Alumni Representatives

Mr YEUNG Chok-shing
Ms CHUNG Ming-wai


Ms TANG Tze-kwan