S. 5 School-based OLE Lesson: Food Waste – Waste Not, Want Not

150 150 STGSS

On 13 September, we attended a talk during the school-based OLE lessons hosted by the organization, Food Angel. 

What was the talk about?

The main topic was about a severe problem in Hong Kong – food waste.  Tons of food waste is produced every day.  It contributes to the production of greenhouse gasses and global warming.

Who produces this enormous amount of food waste?

Everybody, no matter if you are a student, a housewife, or a teacher.  We produce food waste every day.

Which part of the problem should we pay particular attention to?

There are actually three parts:  food production, environmental protection, and environmental sustainability.  Together, they are called the “Triple Bottom Line”.

In addition, we also need to balance the social, environmental, and financial dimensions of development.

How can we reduce the occurrence of such high wastage?

Simple.  We should pay extra attention to the food we order or buy, and only buy an amount we can finish.  Also, remember that the appearance of food does not necessarily affect its taste, quality, or freshness.

In conclusion, the Food Angel talk taught us the importance of not wasting food, and the tremendous benefits that result.

To help preserve our society for future generations, and to save our planet, we should take action now!  “Waste not, want not”.

by Tong King Lun (5D)