Careers Expo 2023-2024

STGSS Career Expo

Our school held the STGSS Career Expo on 11 November 2023.

In the first session, senior form students and their parents attended the talk on JUPAS Strategies organized by Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service for a variety of information concerning further studies for the senior form students. Through the talk, parents and students understood more about the preparation for the DSE exam result release, the mechanism of JUPAS and various useful online platforms, such as E-APP. The talk received positive feedback from the audience.

In the second session, students and parents received advice from Professor Andy Wong regarding the admission to The Chinese University of Hong Kong during the admission talk. In the evaluation survey, over 90% of the participants found the content of the talk informative and practical as it has geared them up with knowledge about the admission requirements, the details of various programmes and other learning opportunities offered by the University. They hoped activities like this one would be held again.

In the third session, students from S.4 to S.6 partook in the Careers Fair, alumni from different professionals, gathered at the alma mater and sincerely shared their experiences with our students. From the survey, 99% of the learners agreed that the sharing session helped them understand more about the factors concerning career planning and further studies. They felt grateful to the alumni for the whole-hearted sharing on the details and prospects of a wide range of careers, the interview strategies as well as the diverse lifestyles across universities. They also learnt a lot from our old boys and girls about the attributes required for successful career development. A big thanks should go to the alumni as they played a key role in the success of the event.

List of guest speakers:

FacultyGuest speakers
Ocean Science, Earth and Environmental SciencesMr Tin Hong Yuen, Harun Mr Tam Ho Ming, Eddie Miss Cheung Man Mr Chow Chi Fung, Cyrus
ArtsMr Teng Si Pan, Jim Miss Chik Hoi Ning, Jan Mr Leung Wai Sum Miss Lai Yi Sen Mr Lee Tsz Ming, Tommy Miss So Hang Yi, Karina Mr Yip Chun, Carl
BusinessMr Wong Lam, Chris Mr Lau Chi Chung, Issac Mr Yuen Ka Ho Mr Kwok Tin Ho, Donald Mr Lau Chi Chung, Issac
DesignMiss Chiu Hiu Laam, Gloria Miss Chiu Hiu Yan
Social SciencesMiss Seto Wing Kee Wincy Miss Cheung Sum Yin, Abby Miss Chan Hiu Ying Miss Leung Wing Chi, Jamie Miss Cheung Lap Yin
Early Childhood EducationMiss Lin Chung Yi
Education (Physical Education)Mr Yung Yam Chun
Chinese MedicineMiss Ip Moon Chi Melody
MedicineMr Law Chun Hei, Jacky Mr Kwok Chun Wai, Aeon
PharmacyMiss Lau Shuk Man, Connie Mr Chan Chung Yin, Edward
Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, OptometryMiss Chu Lok Kwan, Tiffany Miss Kwok Hei Yi Mr Ng Tsun Ho
NursingMiss Chow Pik Chi, Peggy Mr Cheung Nok Lun, Billy Miss Tai Lok Yi
Biomedical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Medical Laboratory ScienceMr Chung Ching Luen, Alex Mr Mak Kai Yim, Kevin Mr Chan Chun Ngai, Thomas Miss Cheung Ka Yi, Kylie
RadiographyMiss Chung Wai Yan, Cathy
Risk Management, Physics, MathematicsMr Poon Chun Hin, Anson Mr Chan Hok Tsun, Gordon Mr Lam Pak Chung Mr Ngai Chun Wing
EngineeringMiss Tam Ka Wing, Laura Mr Ng Pui Him, Aidan Miss Wan Nga Chi, Gigi
Disciplined ServicesMr Leung Chung Man Mr Lai Tat Yik Vincent Miss Sin Cheuk Yin Mr Yeung Ming Ko Mr Cheng Wai Chung