STGSS Open day 2022-23


50th Anniversary Open Day


The Opening Ceremony

STGSS 50th Anniversary Open Day was held on 5 May 2023 with the theme – Golden Jubilee of STGSS Spectacle 金禧沙彩.  Our officiating party included our guest of honour, Mr. LEE Wing-shing, Leo, (Chairman of our Alumni Association); our SMC Chairlady, Mrs. LI CHOW Yeuk-lan, Conny, (PEO, NTW, EDB); our SMC member, Professor WONG Suk-ying (the Chinese University of Hong Kong); and Chairlady of PTA, Ms. LAM Yi-ling Ida. Hundreds of guests, heads of other schools and primary students and parents joined the Opening Ceremony. After the flag-raising ceremony to kick off the day, our acting Principal Ms. LAU Man-sze, and our Guest of Honor Mr. Leo LEE, gave welcoming speeches. A ‘Pouring Sand’ ceremony to the number ‘50’, followed by the energetic dance from members of the Four Houses kicked start the all-day activities.


Programmes and Performances

An array of programmes had been arranged. S2 and S3 Project-based Learning, Other Learning Experiences and “Love Our Home, Treasure Our Country” City Tours (心繫家國穿梭十八區) were displayed at the School Hall. Space Exploration (PolyU) and Chinese Medicine Planting (HKBU) were introduced at the Garden with the help of our alumni. Green Life Cube with S1 Aquaponics and S3 Hydroponics, Organic Farm and School History Gallery were opened for all visitors. In addition, Drone Workshop, Experiment tasting, 3D Printing and Art and Mathematics Activities made the day fruitful. Parents from the PTA prepared diverse of delicious food for food stalls. At the Basketball Court, Booth Activities prepared by different groups made the day lively. Guests took photos with two balloon dolls in school uniforms. Beijing Sister School Sharing was also conducted on the day.

Performances including Western Orchestra, Chinese Drama, English Drama, Chinese Dance, Japanese Dance, Random Dance and Drum performance were found at different corners of the school that showed students’ achievements in linguistic, cultural, musical and aesthetic aspects.


The Closing Ceremony

A short but warm closing ceremony was conducted in the late afternoon in the School Hall. Core Student Committee members shared their feelings in preparing for such a large-scale function that won thunderous applause. The School Choir joined the Core Committee to sing the 50th Anniversary Song to end the Open Day in a joyful atmosphere.