S4 One Student One Community Service Programme_ Coastal Cleanup

S4 One Student One Community Service Programme: Coastal Cleanup

Learning through practical experience is one of the key features of our S4 One Student One Community Service Programme. On March 27, 2024, 22 S4 students participated in the Coastal Cleanup event called “Undiscovered Truth,” organized by WWF, which aimed to cultivate students’ social responsibility and environmental awareness.


During the event, the students were taken to a local coastal area to actively participate in the cleanup efforts. Equipped with gloves, appropriate work attire, and provided tools and garbage bags, they diligently collected litter along the shoreline. Engaging in this hands-on activity, they simultaneously sorted and documented the collected trash, gaining a deeper understanding of the detrimental impact different types of waste have on the environment. This immersive experience enabled the students to develop a tangible comprehension of the persisting issue of marine litter that has plagued Hong Kong for decades. Furthermore, they acquired knowledge on how to safeguard our coastlines and preserve our marine resources.


By participating in this coastal cleanup, our students not only contributed to the improvement of the local environment but also developed a sense of personal responsibility towards environmental conservation. Through their active involvement and practical learning, they have become more aware of the importance of maintaining a harmonious relationship between humans and nature.