S4 One Student One Community Service Programme_ Dessert Workshop

S4 One Student One Community Service Programme:
Dessert Workshop in Collaboration with the Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association


Our school successfully organized a special event in collaboration with the Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association – a Dessert Workshop, aimed at supporting and caring for individuals with Down syndrome.
This activity is an integral part of our school’s One Student, One Community Service program, aimed at cultivating students’ social responsibility. The students actively participated and demonstrated their teamwork and leadership skills during this activity.

On 2nd March 2024, 20 S4 students provided continuous guidance and encouragement to individuals with Down syndrome. In this enjoyable workshop, participants learned how to make Serradura pudding. Each person wholeheartedly engaged in the process and experienced the joy of collaborating with others.

The Dessert Workshop was a meaningful activity designed to provide a fun and interactive environment for individuals with Down syndrome to participate in community events while enjoying the pleasure of creating delicious desserts. We believe that everyone should have equal opportunities to participate in social activities and receive support and care.