S4 One Student One Community Service Programme_ Together We Care

S4 One Student One Community Service Programme: Together We Care 2023

Our S4 students and members of the Interact Social Service Team participated in “Together We Care 2023,” which took place on November 19, 2023. The event aimed to provide love and support to the elderly living alone in Ching Ho Estate, Sheung Shui.


During this meaningful activity, our students visited Ching Ho Estate carrying goodwill bags filled with essential items and warm wishes for the elderly residents. These goodwill bags were intended to provide practical assistance and heartfelt care to the seniors. Our students engaged in friendly conversations, attentively listening to their stories and sharing their own life experiences. Such interactions brought joy and happiness to the elderly residents and enriched the students’ perspectives and values.


This event was not only about distributing goodwill bags but also about fostering care and interaction. Through conversations and interactions with the elderly residents, our students gained a deeper understanding of the importance of caring for and helping others. These experiences will inspire our students to continue showing concern for society and caring for others, becoming empathetic and socially responsible citizens.