Principal’s Message

Welcome to Sha Tin Government Secondary School Webpage.  As the principal of STGSS, I am delighted to introduce our school to you all.  Please browse through our webpage and you will get more detailed information about our school.  We are always ready to answer any questions you may have about us.

STGSS has just gone through her Golden Jubilee, and we have our long history and uniqueness. Many of our graduating students attend some of the best universities, and our graduates have contributed to a wide variety of fields in society. Through years of working in STGSS in the past as a teacher, I assure you that STGSS is a harmonious and exciting place, where you can enjoy a lot of opportunities to learn inside and outside the classroom.  The relationship we build with parents is open and honest, so we have excellent partnerships by bringing up ‘their kids, our students’ to be responsible global citizens in the future.

Our school vision is to inspire every student to learn, to think, to care and to achieve.  By achieving it, let me recall our major concerns as we are entering the second year of the three-year plan (2022-2025).  We aim to develop our students to be active learners.  We will accomplish this through various strategies.  We will foster students’ engagement and ownership.  Moreover, we will enhance Reading across the Curriculum, to equip our boys and girls with a broad and solid knowledge base.  Throughout the learning process, we will also strengthen students’ ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills within and across the KLAs of STEAM and to understand life issues.  On top of this, through thematic learning, students will experience contemporary issues.  Our second major concern is to take care of our students’ well-being through learning experiences to lead a healthy lifestyle with positive values.  Through diversified learning experiences and services, we will equip our students to be future leaders.  We will also uphold students’ positive values across different KLAs holistically, so that students are always ready to face challenges.

Our school crest symbolizes our three core values – Love, Wisdom and Vigour.

Be kind: a kind person respects and cares for themselves and others.  I hope that our students will take the chance to develop the well-being of themselves and others.  If our students have this in mind, they will continue to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and a fruitful school life.

Be wise: a wise person has a big heart, a curious brain, and open ears.  I hope that our students will take the chances to investigate more with curiosity and positivity, so that they can gradually achieve more and become active learners.

Be brave: a brave person has power to face adversity and energy to complete all the tasks ahead.  I hope that our students are always ready to face challenges.

These three core values Love, Wisdom and Vigour are precious.  Upholding these core values may help our students to gradually comprehend and align with these values in their life.  Finally, I always feel a strong sense of privilege and honour, to be the principal of STGSS, which has a proud history and an exciting future.  Our school is on a learning excursion, as we strive each day to be a better place, for our students and for the community we serve.  I trust that every student will carry on the good spirit of STGSS and maintain good progress.  I look forward to meeting you.  Thank you.


Choi Fung-man