School History and School Song

School History

Founded in September 1972, our school has now become a fully-fledged co-educational grammar school. In 2013-2014 school year, There are 27 classes with an enrolment of approximately 960 students.

School Song

Knowledge ever aim Wisdom ever claim
Vigour we manifest Faith we all profess
Sha Tin G. S. S.
Honour, love, possess
For all truth we search
All charity we urge
Our name ev’ry corner reaches
Our sweetness fills all niches
In glorious bloom our houses four
United our school stands tall
Like a beacon it shines
Forever the light in our minds

光芒的智慧 兼仁德的發揮
堅持真勇毅 一心永向前
四社皆鍛煉 挫折增信念
共創佳作 目標在前
全靠那決心 教與學
從師長規勸與關懷 團結我心
勿要退縮不會倦 永不怨
同一心 努力志當存