47th Athletic Meet
The 47th Annual Athletic Meet – A Sequel To A Sporting Extravaganza Back in October, the 47th Annual Athletic Meet came hot on the heels of the 43rd Annual Swimming Gala, extending students’ sports-related experience. Adrenaline-filled events, be they track or field ones, propelled cheerleading teams and spectators to show tremendous appreciation for the blood, sweat and tears shed by athletes and members of the house committees, who embodied and epitomized diligence, integrity and responsibility, values regularly acquired from weekly morning jogs. Under the strong leadership of the House Captains, members and athletes left no stone unturned to strive for sporting excellence and glory. The high-octane relays marked the pinnacle of the event, embellishing STGSS students’ campus life with a jovial ambience and leaving an indelible memory on their minds. More Details