OLE Activity for S4 students – Cantonese opera

  • All S4 students attended a Cantonese Opera Workshop at school hall for their first OLE activity this school year.
  • Cantonese Opera Performers singing and acting on stage.
  • Students imitating the hand signs of different actors and actresses
  • Students learning different roles through dressing the costumes.
  • Students trying to flip the riding whip on a horse

Cantonese opera is a form of Chinese performing art found in the Cantonese-speaking regions which is highly praised for its social and cultural values.  To nurture students of S4 the aesthetic sense of Chinese traditional art, they attended a one hour workshop by Azure Seas Cantonese Traditional Theatre on 20th September 2021 during the OLE lessons.    Students showed enjoyments through watching various kinds of presentations including singing, delivery of spoken lines, acting and drama with stage makeup.  Some students also initiated to come up on stage to try the martial art with ‘horse whips’ of which they needed to imagine that they were flipping them on the horses round and round.   Other students tried on costumes of different role types and imitated artistic stylised movements.  During the workshop, the students were attentive and showed good response and interactions with the stage performers.   It is really an unforgettable learning experience for all our S4 students.