S4 OLE Periods – Visit to Zero Carbon Park

On 22 November 2021, 54 S4 students visited the brand new ‘Construction Exhibition Hub’ launched by the Construction Industry Council, including the CIC-Zero Carbon Park, Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre, and MiC Resources Centre, to learn about the latest developments of the construction industry and its innovative technology.

Here is some feedback from S4 students:

4D 10 Li Ho Hin

I am a student who is very interested in solving the global warming problem. It is glad that the school brought us to the CIC-zero-carbon building, an ecological park in Kowloon Bay, although it was a long way from the school. I am also very keen on architecture and engineering, but I do not take physics. This visit to the zero-carbon building is a great inspiration for my design ideas while I was impressed by the construction strategies in order to create air circulation for an environmental-friendly building. I suggest if world powers want to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, most buildings shall put emphasis on such eco-friendly ideas instead of only focusing on their appearance.

4D 33 Wong Yu Ching

I am very grateful that I could visit the CIC–Zero Carbon Park on 22/11. It is a meaningful experience. The most inspiring part is the visit to the MiC Display Centre in Kowloon Bay. It is the first building constructed using MiC in Hong Kong. Many different exhibits were shown in the centre, providing comprehensive knowledge of MiC for the public, especially students. It is amazing that only 3 days was used to build the building! It is really the most unforgettable experience for me.