Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2020/21

Drama Team

Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2021

Our drama team has again set a new school record by winning the highest honour, Adjudicators’ Award, in this year’s Hong Kong School Drama Festival (HKSDF) in both the Cantonese and English sections with our original play “Peng Fei Centre”, a script that looks into the meaning of life and its opposite, suicide. We are grateful to be the only school among 350 entry teams (of primary and secondary, government, subsidised and Direct Subsidy Scheme schools) that was crowned with this double achievement. The whole cast of 14 members were even awarded as Outstanding Actors in the English section. We have for the second year in a row achieved the best result across the territory in terms of the quantity of awards. We would like to thank our tutor Miss Louie Lai, the parents of the performers, the staff of STGSS and every audience member for their unlimited support

List of awards:

Cantonese section:

評判推介演出獎 沙田官立中學
傑出劇本獎 朱健滔老師
傑出演員獎 4A鍾瀚洳 4D陳曉穎
傑出影音效果獎 4A鍾瀚洳 5A袁心悔 5D龔恩莉
傑出合作獎 以上劇組人員及

1C吳寶軒 1D鄭梓軒 1D馬若嵐
2A陳銨琦 4A鍾瀚洳 4A張嘉穎
4B陳沅汶 4D陳曉穎 4D羅悅瑩
5B王文浩 5B周曉筠 5B郭思晴
5B劉逸歆 5D龔恩莉

English section:

Adjudicators’ Award Sha Tin Government Secondary School
Award for Outstanding Script Mr Chu Kin-to
Award for Outstanding Performer 1C Ng Po-hin, Kenny; 1D Cheng Tsz-hin; 1D Novelle Ma; 2A Chan On-kee, Angela; 4A Chung Hon-yue, Ice; 4A Cheung Ka-wing, Kerry; 4B Chan Yuen-man, Natalia; 4D Chan Hiu-wing; 4D Law Yuet-ying, Agnes; 5B Chow Hiu-kwan, Angela; 5B Kwok Natalie Sze-ching; 5B Liu Yat-yam, Rebecca; 5B Wong Man-ho, Matthew; 5D Keng Yan-lee, Lily
Award for Outstanding Audio-visual Effects 4A Chung Hon-yue, Ice; 5A Yuen Sum-fui, Samson; 5D Keng Yan-lee, Lily
Award for Outstanding Cooperation All the above cast and crew members

And special thanks to:

4A Lee Tsz-ka, Anna; 4B Ho Chun-kiu,Chlody;
4B Yeung Hiu-tung, Austin; 4B Wong Wai-kiu, Rachel