Workshop on Streaming Aptitude

The workshop on Streaming Aptitude was successfully held on 18 January 2022 (Tuesday) for all S.3 students in their homerooms. Organised by Yan Oi Tong YES Training Institute, the workshop provided an array of activities, including self-discovery games and the MBTI personality test, for students to learn more about their personal traits. Students were guided to relate the findings of the activities to their choice on S.4 electives and their future careers. The workshop received positive feedback from the participants. Here are some of the comments:

3D Cheung Megan Sze Yiu
During this workshop, I had so much fun. We had played many games to know more about our strengths and weaknesses. From the group activities, I also learnt that teamwork is important. After a couple of intra-class competitions, we spent some time doing the personality test known as MBTI individually. After this workshop, I got to know more about myself and learnt about the careers suitable for my personality type.

3D Leung Ka Long
Through this meaningful workshop, I learnt more about my hobbies and my personality type, and I also understood more about my classmates.  It also inspired me to introspect about my future career and my life goal. The atmosphere of this workshop was dynamic. We had lots of interaction with the instructor. The length of each activity was appropriate.