2nd Multi-Intelligence Stage (7 Dec 2023)

ECA Committee: 2nd Multi-intelligence Stage (MIS)



The second Multi-intelligence Stage (MIS) 2023 – 2024, organized by the ECA Committee, had been successfully held during lunch time on 23 December 2023 (Thur). This time we had invited students from various forms to perform their talents to us.



Piano performance (S.5):



Solo singing (S.3):


K-pop dancing (S.3 & S.4):



Piano performance (S.1):



Special guest (Assistant Principal: Miss TANG Tze-kwan):





Teachers and students enjoyed the show in the school hall



It was a great opportunity for the performers to showcase their abilities and for the audience to enjoy the show of great entertainment. Once again thank you for coming to support our performers. If you are interested in being the performers on our stage, feel free to contact WYS or CSP. Look forward to seeing all of you in the second MIS which will be held on 14 March 2024 (Thur).