Workplace Visit

Workplace Visit in Dynamic Worlds


On both 26 January and 30 January 2024, Careers Committee orchestrated various workplace visits for S5 students to inspire their exploration of career opportunities, gain insight into the world of work, and immerse in the dynamic working environments. Filled with excitement, each S5 student was given the freedom to make a choice on their favourite workplace to visit. Divided into 3 groups, they embarked on different workplace visits at the Education & Careers Expo, the Customs Headquarters Building and the IVE (Kwai Chung) respectively on 26 January while a select group set foot in the Science Park on 30 January.


What’s a better way to feast on a kaleidoscope of careers information than visiting the Education & Careers Expo 2024 at the Hong Kong Convention Centre? At the Expo, learners navigated a myriad of booths about further studies and different kinds of jobs. They even got an opportunity to play the role of flower packers, discovering the importance of meticulousness and responsibility in every job.


At the Customs Headquarters Building, customs officers generously unveiled their work at the Customs & Exercise Department and toured our students around Customs Headquarters Building. The students showed appreciation to customs officers for their conscientious working attitude and treasured the hands-on experience of using various facilities, including the firing range, at the Headquarters.


For those interested in Health Care, a gateway to their dreams awaited them at the Health Care Centre at IVE (Kwai Chung).  Led by the professional staff there, they delved into an array of health care knowledge, such as the procedures of injection and blood extraction. They were also awe-struck by the advanced health care technology which can meet individuals’ needs.


The learning at the Centre for Novostics at the Science Park shone a light on the importance of a scientist or a researcher to bringing advancement in the world. The young minds marvelled at the cutting-edge research facilities there. Gratitude filled their hearts as they absorbed the wisdom and the career inspiration from Professor Lo Yuk Ming Dennis, the Associate Dean (Research) of Faculty of Medicine at CUHK and known as the ‘Father of Non-invasive Prenatal Testing’. To maximise the learning opportunity, our students did a lot of preparation, including reading Professor Lo’s research, before the visit. The learning enthusiasts were also guided by Professor Jacky Lam, the Assistant Professor of the Department of Chemical Pathology, to uncover the intricate duties of a researcher and the functions of various kinds of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. Our boys and girls were inspired to craft a career future to follow in the footsteps of these revered mentors.


From the reflective journals, we believed that each student found their visit a truly memorable and insightful one! We also took pride in our students’ meticulous work and serious attitude throughout this extraordinary journey.


Here are some snapshots: