Welcome back to STGSS

It’s absolutely exhilarating to see our teachers, schoolmates and supporting staff again in the new school year. To the new members of our STGSS family, especially our new S1 fellow students, our principal, Ms. Lam was delighted to extend a warm welcome with kindness and enthusiasm at the new school year assembly after the flag raising ceremony. Students regained their wisdom and vigour, and shared their latest updates after the rejuvenating summer holiday.

To make a brand new start, Ms Wong SY introduced our school’s first major concern. It focused to raise students’ awareness of active learning. This not only enlightened students but also revived them. Ms To WM then inspired students with another major concern, which aimed to promote students’ well-being to live in healthy lifestyle. With these major concerns in mind, the school firmly believed students would lead balanced school lives between studies and activities.

We wish all fellow students a fruitful and enjoyable new school year ahead! Let’s fulfil the year with determination, perseverance, resilience and gladness!

by Thomas Tiger Rex (5D)