New Term Assembly

The new academic year 2018/19 has commenced with a New Term Assembly held on 3 September 2018, inspiring the school with hope, great enthusiasm and energy.

Principal Wong K.W. introduced our new assistant principal Ms. Tang T.K., new teachers including Ms. Fong S.L., Ms. Lam N.S. and Mr. Lam W.L. as well as our new Social Worker Ms. Luo W.Y. He further explained the two major concerns of this academic year and encouraged students to cultivate good reading habits. Principal Wong also stated the importance of positive values to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. He promised STGSS would provide the environment and exposure to develop students’ potentials to pursue their life goals.

Students and teachers were united at the beginning of the new school year singing the school song in all the spirit and ardour, everyone in STGSS lit up with great passion to strive for excellence in this academic school year.