Annual General Meeting of the Student Council

The Annual General Meeting of the Student Council was held on 23rd September 2022. Form 5 students were invited to the school hall while the other forms stayed in the classrooms as audience online as a social distancing measure.

There were a total of three proposed cabinets, namely Winze, Arcadia and Solasta, which were competing fiercely against one another in an attempt to stand out from their competitors. They showed their exquisitely designed logo, explained the origin of their cabinet names, and introduced their policies

Every candidate seemed to be having a huge drive to succeed against others. All their speeches were delivered with great verve and in a combative tone. Each cabinet has been peering at the others’ policies, sparing no effort to find out every mistake and weakness within.

At the end of the day, there came the most breathtaking part– the Q & A session. Listeners couldn’t wait to express their gushing ideas through pieces of paper.

Let’s keep an open mind to all their speeches and vote for the best proposed Council on 7th October 2022 with no hesitation.

By Carmen Chan (5A)