S3 Careers Talk on S4 Streaming

S4 is a new stage of learning. For S3 students, making subject choices is very important in their life planning. Face-to-face talks were thus conducted on 26 March 2021. To maintain social distancing, the talks were conducted for S3 students and their parents separately. They were provided with the overview and the latest development of the diversified Senior Secondary Curriculum, including the choices of Category A: Senior Secondary Subjects (Elective Subjects) offered to our 2021 – 2022 S4 students, selection criteria of the Preparation Class of Mathematics Extended Part, the school-based arrangement of Optimising the Four Senior Secondary Core Subjects and the latest entrance requirements for different local university programmes. Principal Lam also shared some useful tips with S3 students and their parents about the importance of having a proactive attitude to make realistic, suitable study plans. Students were encouraged to make decisions independently in order to develop their potential and shine brightly.

Parents received the 2020 – 2021 First Term Report Sheet from Class Teachers after the Parents Talk. Many parents stayed behind to discuss with class teachers about their children’s learning progress.

We hope that our students can make responsible, wise and informed choices after careful consideration of their career options, ability and interests so that they can be better prepared to embrace the challenges of senior secondary education.