InnoTech Expo

During the period from 23rd September to 2nd October 2018, 26 students from our school participated in the InnoTech Expo Docent Programme 2018 sponsored by the Our Hong Kong Foundation to have a taste of working as docents. In the training lectures and work experience session, students learned more about the current development of technology in China. The programme also raised students’ interest in science and technology. One of the students was granted a chance to share her experience to Ms. Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong. She encouraged students to cultivate their interests in science and technology. In addition, a guided tour in the Expo was arranged for all 4C students on 24 September 2018. They also attended a sharing session held by one of the manufacturers in Hong Kong.

在二零一八年九月二十三日至十月二日期間,本校二十六位同學參加了由團結香港基金會主辦的《創科博覽2018》「展區義務導賞工作計劃」,體驗導賞員的工作。同學在培訓的講座和體驗工作中,了解到更多中國科技的發展和現況,也提高了對創科的興趣。其中一位同學更有幸與香港特別行政區行政長官林鄭月娥女士對話,特首鼓勵同學在科技方面培養興趣。此外, 中四丙班同學更參與展覽導賞及出席創客分享會。