S4 1st Term Theme-based Conference


To provide students with opportunities to carry out self-motivated research, and participate in conferences and public speaking activities, the S4 1st Term Theme-based Conference on “Energy Crisis” was organised by the Academic Board on 15 December 2022.

S4 students from 5 elective subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History and Economics – carried out group research on the given theme and participated in the conference. They developed an in-depth understanding of the issue, evaluated on how people can respond to the challenges arisen and proposed solid solutions through innovative thinking.

20 student delegates from the 5 subject departments were invited to share and present their research findings in the conference. Mutual understanding and tolerance of different points of view were promoted and students’ critical thinking and public speaking skills were enhanced.

The positive response reflected students’ growing global citizenship awareness and their interest to participate in social and international affairs. This experiential learning opportunity is fundamental to nurturing students’ cross-disciplinary skills, training their communication skills and broadening their global visions, ultimately, nurturing a new generation of leaders to meet future challenges.