Preliminary Rounds, 10th Inter-GSS English Debating Competition

Club:               English Debating Club

Event:              Preliminary Rounds, 10th Inter-GSS English Debating Competition

Date:               Saturday, 9th March, 2019


Jim (Hung Wai-kwan), 5D

Joey (Cheung Lap-yin), 5C

Austin (Yeung Hiu-tung), 2D

Rachel (Wong Wai-kiu), 2C


Congratulations to Jim, Joey, Austin, and Rachel on winning their Preliminary Round at the 10th Inter-Government Secondary School English Debating Competition this past Saturday, the 9th of March.  The contest was close with STGSS overcoming Belilios Public School in a 2 to 1 split decision.  The STGSS debaters supported the affirmative position for the motion that “the government should stop gentrification.”  Both sides clearly prepared well with sound and relevant arguments both for and against the motion.   STGSS’ strength in delivery, poise, and speaking ability was the deciding factor in prevailing over the opposition.  The STGSS debating team will move on to the Quarter Finals on the 11th of May.