STGSS Internal Fencing Contest

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Epee is the largest and heaviest of the three weapons used in the sport of fencing. Our students participated in the Epee Fencing Contest by Byjoss.

The winners are as follow:

Boys’ Epee

Champion: 3B(3) Chan To Yin
1st Runner-up: 2D(13) Lau Chi Fai
2nd Runner-up: 3A(7) Hu Man Ki and 3A(2) Chen Cheuk Yui

Girls’ Epee

Champion: 3D(19) Cheng Wincy
1st Runner-up: 2A(18) Leung Ka Yan
2nd Runner-up: 2D(26) Hui Yuet and 2E(29) Leung Yeuk Lam