News 2021-2022

50th Anniversary Logo Design Competition

150 150 STGSS

Result: Champion: 5D Chik Hoi Ning 1st Runner Up: 4D Yeung Sum Ching 2nd Runner Up: 3C Feng Shuli Champion 1st runner up 2nd runner up

Pre-S1 Cross-curricular Bridging Programme (16-20 Aug 2021)

150 150 STGSS

To help pre-S.1 students fully integrate into the STGSS family en route to a holistic whole-person education, the Pre-S1 Cross-curricular Bridging Programme, spanning 5 days and covering an array of…


150 150 STGSS

開學了之 家長可如何協助子女適應升中新挑戰