50th Anniversary Logo Design Competition

150 150 STGSS

Result: Champion: 5D Chik Hoi Ning 1st Runner Up: 4D Yeung Sum Ching 2nd Runner Up: 3C Feng Shuli Champion 1st runner up 2nd runner up

Pre-S1 Cross-curricular Bridging Programme (16-20 Aug 2021)

150 150 STGSS

To help pre-S.1 students fully integrate into the STGSS family en route to a holistic whole-person education, the Pre-S1 Cross-curricular Bridging Programme, spanning 5 days and covering an array of…


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開學了之 家長可如何協助子女適應升中新挑戰

Protect Yourself and others ~ get vaccinated at STGSS

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To echo with the Outreach Vaccination Programme launched by the Civic Service Bureau and to safeguard public health, STGSS was opened as vaccination center for our students and their family…

Congratulations to students who achieved remarkable achievements in HKDSE 2021

2560 2091 STGSS

Outstanding students include: 6C Cheung Ting Fai 6C Lam Chun Ho 6D Wong Ho Yeung 6C Ting Chun Kit 6D Ho Chun Yuen 6C Fan Sik Wui 6C Leung Sin…

Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2020/21

150 150 STGSS

Our school drama team has again set a new school record by winning the highest honour, Adjudicators’ Award, in this year’s Hong Kong School Drama Festival (HKSDF) in both the…

Chinese Music Cultural Week

150 150 STGSS

To promote Chinese music learning, students from the Chinese Orchestra gave demonstration of different Chinese musical instruments in the mornings and during the recess for six days in May 2021…

The Results of JUPAS – School Principal’s Nominations 2020-2021

150 150 STGSS

The nominated students are: 6A Lee Pak Lam 6B Tin Hong Yuen Harun 6C Leung Sin Ki 6D Seto Wing Kee Wincy

Learning Celebration cum Reading Carnival @ STGSS

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To recognize STGSS students’ unwavering commitment to learning despite disruptions to in-person classes, Learning Celebration cum Reading Carnival @ STGSS, a festive academic extravaganza jointly organized by the Reading to…

Artificial Intelligence Technology to build Robots

150 150 STGSS

Some professionals were invited to introduce A.I. technology to our S.1 students in our computer laboratory. Students enjoyed building robots. They will complete several tasks by writing computer programs using…