First Multiple Intelligences Stage 智勇舞台首次演出

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First Multiple Intelligences Stage

The Multiple Intelligences Stage Performances organized by the ECA Committee provide students with an opportunity to show their talents. They are student-oriented performances. Under COVID-19 pandemic, we have overcome many hindrances to plan the performance. We hope that all students will value it.
The first Multiple Intelligences Stage Performances this year were completed on 25th March successfully. 5D Fung King-yiu and 5B Chen Kei-lam played paigu (Chinese drums) and sang respectively. Their performances were splendid, impressive and very lively. Students enjoyed the performances in the garden and along the corridors.
We welcome all students to perform on the stage. See you in the next Multiple Intelligences Stage Performances!

ECA ambassadors


本年度首次的智勇舞台表演於 3 月 25日順利完成。表演的同學為 5D馮敬堯及5B 陳紀霖,分別表演了排鼓演奏和唱歌。所謂「台上一分鐘,台下十年功」,兩位同學在舞台上盡顯功架,展示他們長時間練習的成果,各樓層的同學都紛紛走到走廊觀看他們精彩的表演。課外活動組未來會繼續舉辦「智勇舞台」,希望同學踴躍參與,在舞台上盡情發揮。