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eapp talk

1087 802 STGSS

Introduction to E-APP   On 5th January 2024, The Zoom talk ‘Introduction to E-APP’ was organized for S6 students in the Day 6 Class Teacher Period. The mechanism of E-APP…

Stream A- Contest 1, 13th Inter-GSS English Debating Competition

2048 1536 STGSS

Club:               English Debating Club Event:             Stream A- Contest 1, 13th Inter-GSS English Debating Competition Date:               Saturday, 9th March, 2024 Debating Team:   4A Hung Tsun Hei, Vincent (Captain), 4C Yeung Hiu…


2560 1920 STGSS

面對子女的成績及前程等,都會令家長產生不同負面情緒,包括恐懼、迷惘、擔心、憤怒和不安等。家長務必先管理好自己的精神健康,才能與子女一同應對日常挑戰。本校輔導組及家長教師會與「童軍知友社:友善社區-SOUL Keeper精神健康守護者計劃」合作,在2024年2月24日家長日的下午為家長籌辦自我關顧體驗工作坊,透過參與「禪繞畫」體驗活動,讓家長抒緩照顧子女的壓力,也能讓家長們對精神健康概念有基本的認識,明白精神健康的重要性。  

interclass dodgeball & rope skipping

2048 1536 STGSS

3rd Multi-Intelligence Stage

2560 1707 STGSS

The third Multi-intelligence Stage (MIS) 2023 – 2024, organized by the ECA Committee, had been successfully held during lunch time on 14 March 2024 (Thur). This time we had invited…

JA Company Programme – Fostering Young Entrepreneurs

2560 1920 STGSS

S.5 students who joined the JA Company Programme set up their pop-up store at K11 Art Mall on 10 March 2024 (Sunday). They showcased their entrepreneurial skills and creativity by…

企業家精神X青少年發展培訓計劃 商管培訓及模擬比賽2024

2037 1358 STGSS

Two groups of BAFS and Economics students from S.4 participated in the ‘Entrepreneurial Training cum Competition Programme’ organized by District Youth Development and Civic Education Committee (Sha Tin) and Hong…

Elective Subjects Taster Lessons for S3

2560 1920 STGSS

The Elective Taster Lessons, held from November 14 to November 21, 2023, proved to be a success. These interactive lessons were designed to give S3 students a glimpse into Economics,…

introduction to electives

2560 1920 STGSS

Introduction to New Elective Subjects – BAFS, Chinese Literature and Economics S.3 Careers Talk on Electives, namely Chinese Literature, BAFS and Economics, was held online for parents and students on…

Careers Expo 2023-2024

2560 1440 STGSS

STGSS Career Expo Our school held the STGSS Career Expo on 11 November 2023. In the first session, senior form students and their parents attended the talk on JUPAS Strategies…