PTA Succulent Plant Workshop 家教會多肉植物盆景班

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PTA Succulent Plant Workshop

Our PTA organized a Succulent Plant Workshop on 30 March 2021. A total of around 20 teachers and families joined the activity. Under the step-by-step coaching of three instructors, many families created their unique potted plants with wonderful decorations. You don’t need a huge yard or a grand garden to enjoy the beauty of flowers, plants and greenery. Potted plants can offer the joy and reward of gardening, as well as an aesthetic bonus.


家教會於2021年3月30日舉辦親子活動—-多肉植物盆景班,共有大約二十位學生、家長及老師參與。在三位園藝導師的講解及指導下,各參加者興致勃勃地利用多肉植物和裝飾品製作精美的盆景,充分發揮創意。 此項活動既能增進學生與家長及老師的感情, 亦能讓他們陶冶性情 ,增添生活趣味