Bauhinia House

150 150 STGSS

Science Club Inter-house Tower Design Competition 2021-2022

Inter-house Paper Plane Competition 2021-2022

Inter house board design competition 2021-2022

House Annual General Meeting 2021-2022

5C Koo Ho Fung (House Captain)

Before being the House Captain of Bauhinia House, I thought this job was easy to handle, but now I think the post is more challenging than I think. I realise that there are a lot of duties to do, such as preparing for sports day and organising inter-house competitions. Although I will have less free time, I will really enjoy doing them. I will learn how to make a balance between studies and the post of responsibility. Being the House Captain, I will sharpen my leadership skills. I am not a house member anymore, but a leader, leading all my house members to do our best. I used to be a shy boy, but now I have to overcome my weaknesses. I know this is a very valuable chance for me and I will do my best!