Reading Carnival

150 150 STGSS

Sustainable Reading

The Reading Carnival, with an emphasis on ‘sustainable development’ and ‘life enlightening lives’, was successfully held on 25th November 2021.

To improve students’ reading quality, the thematic book fair at the Reading Carnival also featured the following highlights: teachers’ book recommendations and Education Bureau’s recommended books. The Reading Ambassadors were trained to promote thematic reading as they had read some of the thematic books previously.

Display boards showcasing students’ book reviews of various reading programmes and competitions were exhibited to echo the theme of the Reading Carnival, “Read on. Go on. Carry on.”

At the carnival, a cross-disciplinary forum on sustainable development in the Northern Metropolis, was organized. Different subject teachers guided students to conduct research and discussions on topics from the perspectives of geography, economics, biology, national development, environmental conservation and STEM. Students were empowered to delve deep into the topic, pick up fundamental generic skills and broaden their horizons. Information centering around the development of the Northern Metropolis was displayed, enlightening young minds and instilling in them the concept of Hong Kong continuing to develop as a livable city.

To further deepen students’ understanding of the ecosystem and biodiversity of Hong Kong, Dr. Xoni Ma, Founder and Education Director of Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong and alumnus of STGSS, gave an awe-inspiring talk on the topics. On the other hand, Dr Chan Ting-ting, Clinical Assistant Professor (Honorary) of Medicine and Therapeutics, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK and alumnus of STGSS, gave a talk on ‘life enlightening lives’. They also recommended their favorite books to students at the end of the talk and shared their reading experience.