S3 + S6 Peer Counseling — Choice of S4 Elective Subjects

150 150 STGSS

On 22 November 2021, S6 students shared with their S3 schoolmates about their valuable experiences of choosing elective subjects. They talked about the traits one should possess in order to do a certain elective subject well, the joy the elective subject brought to them and the difficulties they faced and how they coped with them. S6 students displayed their leadership as buddies who showed care and support to their fellow schoolmates.

Here is some feedback from S3 students:

3B Luk Tsz Ching, Chloe

After the sharing session of S6 schoolmates, I realized that we should consider the prospect of taking the elective subjects and the number of students that can be admitted to each elective. The S6 brothers and sisters reminded us that when considering the choice of electives, our interest is a priority factor. They also shared with us their tips about learning. After listening to their wholehearted sharing session, I have a clearer idea for which electives I would like to take in S4.

3B Lai Yui Tsz, Leonie

On 22 November 2021, S3 students attended an S6 students’ sharing session of choosing S4 electives. I got a lot of information from the S6 schoolmates. For example, I learnt some rules of the electives allocation mechanism, such good academic results.

I could also feel the joy brought by the electives to them. For instance, they could conduct more challenging experiments in Chemistry or Biology in senior forms so they enjoyed doing those subjects a lot. Although sometimes they might encounter some difficulties, they faced the problems positively. They even insisted that the hurdles couldn’t stop their enthusiasm for the subjects. Throughout the whole sharing session, the S6 buddies were so kind and actively responded to our class. When we shared our worries with them, they comforted us warmly. They even welcomed us to email them if we needed further assistance.

In general, the sharing session was significant and helpful for choosing my S4 electives. I feel grateful to the S6 students for their sincere support!