S3+S6 Peer Counselling – Choice of S4 Elective Subjects

150 150 STGSS


On 31 October 2022, S6 students shared with their S3 schoolmates about their valuable experiences of choosing elective subjects. They talked about the traits one should possess in order to do a certain elective subject well, the joy the elective subject brought to them and the difficulties they faced, and how they coped with them. Thanks to their serious preparation, S.3 students were much enlightened in elective selection. S6 students displayed their leadership as buddies who showed care and support to their schoolmates.

Here is some feedback from the S3 students:

3B Yeung Lok Hei Jobi

The elective sharing session is helpful to set a goal for next year. The S6 students who shared their experience with me were very nice and polite. They explained every single step, ranging from tips for studying to choosing the right electives for my dream career. For now, the electives I want to choose for S4 are Economics, B.A.F.S and Chemistry. Although the S6 students who I had a conversation with didn’t study B.A.F.S, they still tried their best to take references from their friends for me. The dream job I have for now is working in the field of architecture since I love to design and build models. I’ll work extra hard for it! Finally, I’m very thankful for all the S6 students who shared their past experiences with me as guidelines and footprints for me to follow.

3B Thapa Diwash

During the sharing, we were split into two groups in two timeframes so as not to get any biased information. We could ask the S6 students anything related to what we want to choose for our electives. During the first session, I enquired about ICT and what its requirements were. During the second session, I enquired about Biology and Geography. I will try to hone my skills in those subjects this year so as to make it easier to learn next year. I would like to express my gratitude to the S6 students for answering all my questions about the subjects.

3B Tang Clara

In the sharing, we talked about the subjects that I am interested in, and I got a lot of advice from the S6 students. They shared some subjects that they have been studying, so I realised that there are some subjects that may be suitable for me. I learnt that it is not easy to get the electives that I want. S6 students told me that I should get a better result in the exam so that I can select what I want to study. I will choose electives related to the job that I want to do, and I have decided my career. The S6 students were really nice and kind. I felt relaxed during the sharing. I enjoyed it a lot.

Good work of pre-sharing preparation: