S6 Careers Talk on Non-local Further Studies

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S6 Careers talk on non-local further studies

A careers talk on non-local further studies was held on 8 November 2022 and our S6 students were given an introduction and overview of the application process for further studies in the Mainland, Taiwan, Macau, the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia. Students first learned about the essential factors to consider further studies beyond Hong Kong and the critical items they must prepare for their application, such as taking prerequisite language exams and meeting the application deadlines. A big thanks goes to our old girls who provided whole-hearted sharing on their application for renowned universities in the Mainland. Thorough research, early preparation, choosing an appropriate academic pathway, and considering factors such as academic, social, environmental, and financial fit were stressed vital factors for a successful application process.

Useful information:

1. The Non-local Studies Talk can be revisited online by clicking open the following link. To successfully view the video, you must log in your STGSS Google Account first and then watch it under this account. The PowerPoint has been attached in the description box right below the video for your reference. If you wish to learn more about non-local studies, you are advised to approach the official websites.

The Youtube link to the Non-local Studies Talk: https://youtu.be/udnTkDOqqS4

2. The sharings from alumni Pan Ziqing and Tse Nga Tuen can also be revisited at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1W7gBXvtsvoe5tszJX_J8hbt6djd0uzr1?usp=share_link by logging in your STGSS Google Account.

We sincerely hope that with more information on hand, you can better design your future.