Youth Emotional Health Seminar 青少年情緒健康講座

150 150 STGSS

Guidance Team and the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups held a “Youth Emotional Health Seminar” for S2 and 3 students on March 29, enabling students to understand the importance of emotional health, emotional management and ways to cope with stress. The seminar was divided into two parts. In the first session, the host gave students a preliminary understanding of emotional health. Students could then understand and realize their own emotions and thoughts in a better way. Students also learnt different methods to manage their emotions effectively. The second session was an introduction to the activities of the Emotional Health Leadership Programme. The host introduced a series of activities that students may have the opportunity to join in the future, such as Sandplay, cajon, hiking, canoeing and art workshops. We hope that students can cultivate an attitude of appreciation, gratitude and positive optimism for themselves by participating in this project.