50th Anniversary Career Expo

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The STGSS 50th Anniversary Career Expo was held successfully on 20 November 2021.

In the first session, 162 senior students and 107 parents participated in the talk on JUPAS Strategies organized by Hok Yau Club. Mr Ng Po-shing, the Student Guidance Consultant of Hok Yau Club, provided various kinds of information concerning further studies for the senior form students. Through the talk, parents and students understood more about the preparation for the DSE exam result release, the mechanism of JUPAS and various useful online platforms, such as E-APP. The talk received positive feedback from the audience.

In the second session, S4-S6 students participated in the Careers Fair. 44 alumni from different professionals came back to school and shared their experiences with our students. Students knew more about the detail and prospects of a wide range of careers that they were interested in. They also learnt from the sharing of elder brothers and sisters about the attributes required for successful career development. Thanks again, we couldn’t have pulled this off without the unfailing support from the alumni.

List of guest speakers:

Faculty Guest speakers
Business Miss Choy Lok Yin, Stephanie
Mr Kwok Tin Ho, Donald
Miss Wan Yui Sze, Tracy
Mr Lau Chi Chung
Mr Lau Gabriel
Miss Tam Wing Yan, Giselle
Mr Yuen Ka Ho, Felix
Mr Fong Kwai Yiu
Mr Leung Chung Shun, Harvin
Design and Performing Arts Miss Yue Hoi Laam, Katie
Mr Lee Chun Yin, Buzz
Mr Keung King Long, Kelvin
Civil Engineering and Surveying Miss Chan Chiu Yu, Joanna
Mr Lau Ka Chun, Derek
Miss Tam Ka Wing, Laura
Miss Wan Nga Chi, Gigi
Engineering Mr Tam Yat Hei, Alpha
Mr Chow Ka Shing, Bradley
Mr Lee Ting Kiu, Conroy
Language Miss Choi Ching Yu
Law Mr Ho Jeffrey
Mr Leung Wai Chin, Jimmy
Medicine Miss Wong Hoi Wing, Queenie
Mr Law Chun Hei, Jacky
Mr So Tsz Kit, Dickson
Mr Lee Chun Wai, Alex
Mr Tai Tsz Fung
Mr Tai Tsz Long
Nursing and Public Health Miss Cheung Sze Wah
Miss Wong May Ting
Miss Poon Wing Tung
Miss Cheng Tsz Kwan
Miss Tse Hau Yi
Miss Wu Zhixin
Mr Lam Yu
Miss Fung See Chi
Mr Ng Siu Laam Lyman
Physiotherapy Miss Wong Yuen Yi
Science Mr Chan Hok Tsun, Gordon
Mr Poon Chun Hin, Anson
Mr Yeung Wai Ho, Thomas
Mr Lam Pak Chung
Journalism Miss Lau Lai Lai
Miss Liu Yee Ki, Sara

In the third session, the current-year candidates of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination partook in HKDSE Mock Results Release Day organized by Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Ma On Shan (South) Children & Youth Integrated Services Centre. During the activity, the students were first divided into groups, each of which was guided by a tutor to reflect upon the post-DSE exam goals. Then, replica DSE exam results notices of students’ predicted grades were distributed to the S6 participants. After that, students needed to assess their predicted grades and approach different stalls which had been set up by the staff for various purposes, including JUPAS, further studies in local or overseas post-secondary institutions or the labour market. The S6 learners benefited a lot from the interviews arranged by the staff. Finally, a mock JUPAS result was announced and a debriefing was conducted by the tutors in groups.

Regarding the STGSS 50th Anniversary Career Expo, the current-year candidates for DSE examination found it inspiring and fruitful. Some students said that the talk on JUPAS strategies was beneficial and the explanation was clear. Moreover, they appreciated their alumni for sharing with them more about different university programmes as the alumni provided very useful information. Some wished for attending all their interested sharing sessions if more time was allowed for the exchanges next time. For the HKDSE Mock Result Release session, the participants commended that HKDSE Mock Result Release Day could equip them with more knowledge of HKDSE Exam and the result release, inspiring them to ponder over their career paths. They also wished this session to be lengthened so that they could experience more mock interviews. In general, the Career Expo was widely acclaimed for its immense usefulness, and suggested to be annually organised.