STGSS Young Song Composers visited CUHK

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To celebrate our school’s 50th Anniversary, students were encouraged to compose English songs especially for this occasion. Some students submitted beautiful melodies with thoughtful lyrics full of gratitude and love to STGSS. In view of our students’ passion for music, we decided to provide them with further opportunities to unlock their potential. We visited Dr. Chan Kai-young (2007, S6S), Assistant Professor of Music Composition at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), on 22nd March 2021. Dr. Chan is the Winner of Keuris Prize (Netherlands), Robert Avalon International Competition (USA) and VocalEspoo International Choral Composition Competition (Finland). He delivered a lecture on music composition and arrangement to our students at CUHK. Our students gained artistic inspiration and will keep on polishing and enriching their music for the betterment. We are looking forward to their musical compositions next school term.