Events 2020-2021

STGSS Young Song Composers visited CUHK

2560 1920 STGSS

To celebrate our school’s 50th Anniversary, students were encouraged to compose English songs especially for this occasion. Some students submitted beautiful melodies with thoughtful lyrics full of gratitude and love…

Artificial Intelligence Technology to build Robots

2560 1707 STGSS

Some professionals were invited to introduce A.I. technology to our S.1 students in our computer laboratory. Students enjoyed building robots. They will complete several tasks by writing computer programs using…

PTA Film Appreciation Activity 家長教師「電影欣賞」

1200 1600 STGSS

Our PTA booked the whole cinema for STGSS students, parents and teachers to watch the film Soul at MOSTown, Ma On Shan on 3 April 2021. All of us enjoyed…

The Teacher Symposium 2021 (Joint School Staff Development Day)

The Teacher Symposium 2021 (Joint School Staff Development Day)

2560 1707 STGSS

Part 1: The Teacher Symposium 2021 (Joint School Staff Development Day) organized by the EDB and the Principals Association of the Government School, was held on 31st March 2021. The…

PTA Succulent Plant Workshop 家教會多肉植物盆景班

1600 1200 STGSS

PTA Succulent Plant Workshop Our PTA organized a Succulent Plant Workshop on 30 March 2021. A total of around 20 teachers and families joined the activity. Under the step-by-step coaching…

Youth Emotional Health Seminar 青少年情緒健康講座

576 324 STGSS

Guidance Team and the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups held a “Youth Emotional Health Seminar” for S2 and 3 students on March 29, enabling students to understand the importance…

S3 Careers Talk on S4 Streaming

2560 1707 STGSS

S4 is a new stage of learning. For S3 students, making subject choices is very important in their life planning. Face-to-face talks were thus conducted on 26 March 2021. To…

First Multiple Intelligences Stage 智勇舞台首次演出

2560 1707 STGSS

First Multiple Intelligences Stage The Multiple Intelligences Stage Performances organized by the ECA Committee provide students with an opportunity to show their talents. They are student-oriented performances. Under COVID-19 pandemic,…

STGSS 2021 Gratitude Week

1920 2560 STGSS Gratitude has been associated with positivity, vitality, optimism, hope and satisfaction. Our Gratitude Week conducted in mid-March promoted gratefulness, thankfulness and appreciation. We dedicated an entire week for all…

Student Portfolio Cover Design-1D

1754 2480 STGSS