Events 2022-2023

S4 Other Learning Experiences: Fair Trade Workshop— Orange Game

2560 1920 STGSS

Our S4 students participated in a simulation game— Orange Game which was organized by the Fair Trade Hong Kong on 2nd February 2023 and 20th February 2023. Through a role…

Life-wide Learning Day 2 S3 Chinese Paper Cutting and Chinese Knotting Workshop

2560 1920 STGSS

Life-wide Learning Committee arranged a Chinese Paper Cutting and Chinese Knotting Workshop on 3rd March 2023. Through the workshop, students have a chance to appreciate the beauty of Chinese arts.…

Life-wide Learning Day 1: S2 Service Training Workshop

2560 1920 STGSS

To cultivate a caring community culture, our Guidance Committee and Life-wide Learning Committee arranged a service training workshop for all S2 students on 2nd March 2023. Through the guidance of…

Life-wide Learning Day 1: S1 Positive Thinking Camp

2560 1703 STGSS

To build discipline and strengthen students’ team spirit, our school Guidance Committee organized a positive thinking camp for S1 students on 2 March 2023. Through participating in various challenging games,…

Special Assembly for S. 6

2560 1705 STGSS

After years of preparation, it’s time for S6 students to throw off their bowlines to sail away from the safe harbour. A special assembly for S6 students was held to…

Workplace Visit: A Day in Six Different Worlds

2560 1920 STGSS

On 2 February 2023, Careers Committee organized various workplace visits to S5 students to inspire their exploration of career opportunities, gain insight into the world of work, experience the dynamic…

家長教師會新春蘭花班 14 – 01 – 2023

2560 1920 STGSS

04.01.2023 家長教師會賀年水仙班

2560 1920 STGSS

Singing cum Dancing Contest

2560 1920 STGSS

The Student Council Singing cum Dancing Contest was held on 20th December. The whole hall was immersed in a festival atmosphere, students enveloped in an atmosphere of joy! We waved…

S4 Structured Service Learning to care for Others

2000 1500 STGSS

Our S4 Structured Service Learning has been smoothly integrated with trainings and face-to-face services. Training workshops were provided in December. On 21 December morning, 41 S4 students joined the voluntary…