Cancellation of Annual Speech Day

150 150 STGSS

Dear guests, parents, graduates and prize winners, Due to the rapid increase of COVID-19 confirmed cases and the announcement of school suspension, we regret to inform you that our school Annual Speech Day on 4 December 2020 (Friday) will be cancelled unfortunately. Please take care and stay strong during this critical moment.

Dr.Cheng Ha Yan Memorial Scholarship 20-21

150 150 STGSS

The details and application form for the Dr. Cheng Ha Yan Memorial Scholarship 20/21 can be downloaded here: Dr.Cheng Ha Yan Memorial Scholarship 20-21


150 150 STGSS

各位家長︰ 原定於2020年9月12日舉行的中一親子日營,因受新冠肺炎疫情影響而取消,惟部份活動環節將改於10月17日進行,歡迎所有中一家長重新報名參加 (每個家庭只有一個名額)。詳情請留意稍後發出的通告。感謝家長們的諒解與支持。 家長教師會 2020年9月7日